Human Spam?

If you follow my comments, you’ll see I took 4 messages out of my spam filter and replied — just in case they are human. I know some people use their creative blog names for personal as well as public/sales use, and I’m not one to shun free advertising, so long as when someone comes to comment on MY site, there is a certain portion of their comment that is about ME. It’s not that I’m egotistical — though you know I am, because I have a blog, right? — it’s just that I think advertising by pretending to like what someone does is about as effective as — well, whitening GUMS, to pick on some poor specimen of human spam.

And I know (if anybody cares), that there is a 90% or greater chance that I’ve invited more human spam by not simply deleting all the spam, and someone will not be able to resist pointing that out to me — you know who you are. But on the other hand, from my teaching experience, I do have contacts across the globe. They are much nicer than I am, so it stands to reason that they have friends. So incorrect use of English is not an immediate factor to my eliminating someone.

Nor is a bad moniker. Far be it from me to think that someone won’t put me on their list just to have more followers. Aren’t I kind of hoping for the same thing?  And if my muse of art (with a hat tip to Piers Anthony) dredges up someone else’s page of advertisements instead of the other way around — well, is that really a bad thing?

Do you have a way you rule out human spam? In the comments section, feel free to share. That way, I’ll know you’re human…  (Not to mention the slight vindication I will feel if you deemed my post worthy of your comment — “You like me! You really, really like me!” (hat tip to Sally Fields)) 😉

Photo taken at the 62nd Academy Awards 3/26/90...

Photo taken at the 62nd Academy Awards 3/26/90 – Permission granted to copy, publish or post but please credit “photo by Alan Light” if you can (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

‎ ( _Muse of Art_ photo courtesy of; Sally Fields photo by Alan Light)

Cover of

Cover of Muse of Art (Geodyssey)


4 responses to “Human Spam?

  1. It’s the whole social media become a salesman’s free for all thing. I have been studying this in the past couple of days. People hear things like someone selling thousands of T shirts on myspace or the new way to promote is on social media. So all those people who are looking for ways to promote sign up and go crazy out of ignorance. You hear it with conventions too. They tell you, the place to go is the con’s because that’s where you meet editors. Then you go and start glad handing and get shunned out of hand. You feel like a pariah. In the end, all one wants is for people to be contributing members of the groups they join, not a shark swimming over for a quick meal. Imagine putting on a party with all your friends and then That Guy shows up and tries to sign everyone up for Amway. What a jerk. He probably doesn’t even know the effect he is having. Because those kinds of things preach at you to go get your family and friends and sign them up. So you try it.

    So, you’re not wrong at all. It’s rude otherwise. But i think its part of the misinformation of how to grow a client base. I guess if you wanted to make sure competition didn’t grow or even have any friends, you would preach at him to “tap your warm market.”

    Its fun to make new friends and connections. That’s the social part of social networking. I swear some people must think its social for social studies in human buying habits. Anyway, those are my two cents.

    • It sounds like you’ve been studying it for more than just a few days, AMS. But I think you’re right.
      As soon as someone figured out how to use social media to make a few (million, combined) bucks, well, it was no longer just about sharing selfies.
      I’ve joined a new site,, and I really like the readership I’m getting there. I’m really excited about the feedback, and there’s a niggling potential of receiving royalties. Of course I want a piece of that. And I want to share my success with friends, and help them if they want to join in. And that will help me, too.
      But I know I’ve written an article like this one and I just hope that no one cringes each time I share a post about the other site. I don’t want to be one of those people hawking product to an audience that doesn’t give a rat’s behind. I still think I’m better than the toothpaste hawker who wants to whiten my gums. And there I go judging again!
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I really appreciate the feedback — and also enjoy getting to meet new people and hearing new ideas.
      Your $.02 are welcome, anytime! 😉

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