A Rainy Tuesday

Fall Asleep

Fall Asleep (Photo credit: Mmonhsi)

So it’s a not-yet rainING, but definitely rainY, Tuesday.

I have no gumption. My husband has no gumption. My son fell asleep putting on his shoes.

I went to my gym class, and left with jelly limbs.

Fell asleep in Glanerbrug  (Home sweet home)

…asleep… (Photo credit: Johan Koolwaaij) (Not an actual picture of my child)




I went to go see a friend I hadn’t seen in a while, and she was at least nice enough to send me home before returning to her nap.

So what do you do to create gumption when you have none? My grandmother would say get up and do something. And she always was doing something. Which may explain why she was 5’4″ and maybe 70 pounds.

  • Why Ideas Pop Into Your Head When You’re Trying To Fall Asleep (lifehacker.com.au)
  • Half-Asleep Book Plans (mittenskittens.wordpress.com)

    These “related articles” are things I think about. I’m writing one book, mentally working on three others, and editing one I intend to have out this summer. It’s work, but it’s have to quantify — how much thinking DID I do today?  And playing Candy Crush (see other blog) even when one is stuck on level 97, DOES count as thinking. And quantifying. Because I will make it to level 98. Probably before I finish the next decent sentence on A Muse Meant.


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