Now that Carley Patrol is done…


The cover of _The Carley Patrol_.

Now that The Carley Patrol is in the hands of readers, I have a list of about 50 things I need to do. More than 5 of those things are projects that I decided to write while working on Carley.


My son and I dressed up at the Ren Faire.

Another 5 to 10 — which are on a different list, anyway — are movies I’ve wanted to watch. Last night, I saw Parental Guidance (this was after spending a few hours at the Muskogee Renaissance Faire) and today I watched Silver Linings Playbook. , which came a day after  — you know — other life stuff.

Then there is the honey do list that I don’t have the know-how to do myself. Last weekend (or was it two weekends ago?), my dear hubby built me a platform for my washer and dryer to sit on. I built shelves to go above the washer and dryer. Not bad for an amateur. (No, it must have been two weekends ago, because last week my youngest sister graduated from college and it was Mother’s Day.) I still want a threshold that doesn’t leak. And I’d love to leave my house one Friday night, come home Sunday, and have new paint on the walls and new carpets on the floors. I really don’t care about colors or carpets, I just hate having to choose and I know most anyone would make better color choices than me!  But I didn’t win last night’s lottery either — my dear hubby bought two tickets. We matched two numbers. So basically, we won enough to offset the cost of the tickets. If he will claim it — which he probably won’t.

So, as I was saying, I’ve got a big list. I’ve accomplished a lot of things on other lists. Like when I started this blog back in February. Like finishing Carley (again, since technically I finished it the first time in November). Like my son’s birthday party and some other playdates and other Mom stuff. I have lots of things to tackle on the lists. There are a lot of lists. Some of the things will get done, and some may only exist as dreams. C’est la vie, n’est ce pas?

One thing I am looking forward to bringing my blog readers over the next few months is more info and insight on the Mother Confessor series.  A Muse Meant and a new children’s story Martha and the Pirate Chicken(s) is in the works, along with (the list). I’m on a search for children’s artists (also again) because I have many children’s books are sitting unpublished for want of pictures. I don’t want someone who thinks of him or herself as a professional — I can’t afford it and neither can my readers. But I want someone who can be a promising amateur (like me and my writing) who behaves professionally. If you know anyone looking to share their artistic talent, please send ’em my way.

Finally (because this post is tres tres long as it is), if you want me to say or discuss something on my blog, PLEASE let me know. I don’t ever want my blog to be preachy, overly political, or anything like that, and I want it to be focused on writing, but I want it to be something you want to read. So absolutely give me feedback as I continue this blog into the summer months. And thanks for reading (or scrolling) down to the last line. It really means a lot to me.


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