Writing in the Coffee Shop

I am very grateful to be able to come to a coffee shop and type with electricity and WiFi and good people who don’t mind me sitting in the coffee shop doing the things that require a laptop and WiFi. Especially considering that I don’t drink coffee.

So I’m working on a new children’s story called Martha and the Pirate Chickens. Martha is in memory of my grandmother, who hated stories that weren’t real, and probably won’t be fond of a story with talking animals, but she’s a woman who loved me enough to love me even though my work is “ridiculous” and “can’t [I] write something normal for a change?”  [No, Grandma.] “Well, it didn’t hurt me to ask, now, did it?” [No, Grandma.] 😉

And the real Martha did have cows and chickens. When I was younger, maybe until I was about 10, she also had pigs. She also had dogs and at one time, rabbits, but she had names for her favorite cows. Grandpa named the dogs. Nobody named the chickens. I think every pig was named “Sow,” which at the time really confused me, but not anymore.

I wonder how explicit I need to be when I talk about the pirate chickens trying to peck at the gold thinking it is corn. I wonder if I will do a ship battle with farm animals justice (J is going to help me there).

I wonder a lot of things, like whether or not you are getting my blog posts. Please send me a reply so I know everything is working still. 😉  Thanks!


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