Falling Behind and Catching Up

As a writer, I’m very fortunate that when I get mad, I can write. Most of the time. Or, let’s just say I can write before I can talk about it, usually… So a few weeks ago, I had a creeper on my paid blog over at Wikinut. She knows who she is. She doesn’t know me personally. However, she made a name for herself picking apart my articles in June — almost scared me off the site. Given that she doesn’t know me and I don’t know her, I was first upset — and then pissed off.

I’m very fortunate I had friends (and fellow Wikinuts) who convinced me not to let a troll win.

In September, I went for a different approach, partly because two other writers got involved. Overall, though, I like the new me.


Here’s that article: see what you think.


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