Aging Grayfully

I wrote Aging Grayfully at 2AM, after struggling all day to write SOMETHING — ANYTHING. I was out of town, technically on vacation, but I has convinced myself that even while traveling I could publish ONE article a day and keep it going. But I wanted to write about my travels, and yet I didn’t want the World Wide Inter-web knowing I was not home.  Finally, I decided it was not to be and thought I was giving, up, so I went to brush my teeth and lay down in bed.

And then the words just started pouring.

I grabbed the One Note App on my phone, and started typing just as fast as my poor thumbs would allow (which isn’t very fast).

Then I went to copy and paste it… And managed to delete all but the first word of the 1,000 word essay.

I WAS MAD (at myself). At that point, though, I was also awake.

So I got up, hunting for paper and pencil, then abandoned that search and just turned my laptop back on.

I opened Word and re-created the article.  I know I missed things, changed things, but overall, my intent was re-captured. I copied and pasted to Wikinut, added pictures, and Aging Grayfully was submitted. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed it NOT disappearing under my thumbs a second time.

(Oh — for those who are counting my mistakes to tease me about later, there’s a typo in one of the headlines. I meant to say “Make-up Makers Hate Me (and the feeling is mutual),” and would have been OK with having said “Make-up’s Makers Hate Me (and the feeling is mutual).” But at well past 3 in the morning local time, 5 AM my time, I didn’t see the mistake until it was too late and most people who were going to read the article already had. Now I share the mistake with you as a way of showing I, too, can laugh at myself.


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