The Grammar Enthusiast Strikes Again!

PSST!!  Don’t forget: if you’re in Northwest Arkansas or planning a visit, I’ll be at the HAR-BER HARP’S on Jones Road Friday and Saturday (unless I sell out Friday). Come see me!

As part of the educational segment of this webpage, I present all the links to my grammar articles on one easy-to-access, no frills page. You’re Welcome.

1 Confessions of a Grammar Enthusiast

2 Semicolons, Dashes, and Ellipses, Oh My!

3 Celebrating National Punctuation Day With Commas and Apostrophes

4 Why Does that Letter…?

5 Tips to Better Spelling In English

6 Happy Father’s Day — A Grammar Rant

These are the main grammar articles, but it isn’t hard for me to soapbox. If you feel another one of my articles should be linked here due to its focus on some aspect of grammar, please let me know in the comments. Thanks!


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