Two Upcoming Events for NWA

I’ve been a bad, bad, girl. No, not jail-worthy. Mom-worthy. Which means I’ve done a whole lot and have very little to show for it. But no one in the house is naked, and no dishes are being pulled out from under beds because they’re the “cleanest of what’s available.”  I jest, I jibe — I plead the 5th.

But before I let it go any longer, I wanted to make sure my readers were informed about two local events I’ve scheduled for book signings at local Harps stores, this Saturday and then the first weekend in December.


Harps #177 on the corner of Mission and Crossover in Fayetteville

9AM to 7 PM


Harps # 123 on Jones Road (off Sunset) in Springdale

(HarBer Harps) (border of Tontitown) (not the store on Sunset and Gutensohn)

9AM to 7PM both days

THIS IS MY LAST AUTHOR SIGNING of 2013, so if you’ve been waiting, time is almost out!!

Author Flyer


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