Fun With Homophones #4

Fun With Homophones #4

Awl four me! Nun four ewe!

Awl four me! Nun four ewe!

I wrote this little ditty continuing a series on Homophones. If you are interested, here are the first, second, and third parts of that series. I love the homophone poem “Spell Checker” (or whatever it is called) because it makes me realize once again just HOW many words do double (and more than double) duty in English. We borrow from so many languages and so many etymologies that the same letters in the same order can produce at least five different words, sometimes with the same pronunciation, sometimes not. I see so many lessons that just list the homophones and give a sentence, but in these lessons I don’t have any connective tissue — no reason to care about why I should use “there” or “they’re” or “their.” Poetry is not for everyone, and I get that, but homophones should at least be taught with humor because humor helps the lesson stick. I hope you’ll enjoy, and I hope you’ll agree — a chuckle is worth at least 50 homophones. I read that somewhere. I’m sure I did. [ha ha] This is my very first poll. I hope you’ll try it out. And feel free to leave a comment below if the mood strikes yo


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